Hastings, Nebraska
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Old School Art and Camera sells antique art, antique photography, classic camera from all eras and the photographic creations of Jim Headley, the owner of Old School.

Located in Hastings, Nebraska, Old School sells original antique oil and water color paintings from days gone by  along with original photographic prints from the 1800s and 1900s. Old School also offers canvas enlargements from  our owner’s private negative and print collection. You will not find these unique and amazing images anywhere else.

Jim Headley

Old School Art and Camera’s founder and owner is a lifelong journalist and photojournalist who has assembled a series of artistic photographs that push the edges of photography.

Many people think that Jim Headley’s photographs are paintings but they are in fact photographs.  Headley  works in panoramic, abstract, High Dynamic Range and digital compression imagery.

Jim Headley